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Iowa High Trestle Bridge

Spanning between the two rural communities of Woodward and Madrid, the Iowa High Trestle Bridge connects 25 miles of High Trestle Trail.. (read more)

Architect: RDG Planning & Design

Location: Woodward and Madrid, Iowa

photos by homemade iowa life

I made a bunch of mini trixel Pokemon stickers! The first one is a rehash of this piece.

[Gen I Starters]

[Mega Charizard X & Y]

[Pseudo-Legendary Dragons]

Feel free to suggest other Pokemon or Nintendo characters.



Found this while trolling around 4chan.

Dug a little deeper and found out that it is a college animation project called Deathigner from the National Taiwan University of Arts. Department of Multimedia and Animation Arts.

Fantastic animation, great story line, and don’t forget that amazing music and sound design.


Check out the animation here


reblogging again due to adorable

Mano de obra XcaKyo